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If the idea is burning a hole in your heart, I’ll make sure your readers feel the heat.

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ServicES (Writing, Editing, Project Management)

Professional Manuscripts, Long-Form and Long-Lasting

My services are built on authentic client relationships.

As ghostwriter, editor, or project manager I’ve worked on 90 long-form projects, from keyword-targeted ebooks to painstakingly crafted best-sellers with high profile authors.

What keeps me coming back is my passion for telling amazing stories. I believe in the value of legacy enshrined in durable works to last generations. As your writer, I will hear your message and conform it faithfully to the written word.

"A consummate professional…Bryan has excellent writing, research, and editing skills and completes projects on or before deadlines on a consistent basis. He added extreme value to our organization and above all was a really great person to work with.”

John Donnachie

Director, ClydeBank Media LLC

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As far as specific topics and themes, I’ll say this: I’m a broadly curious person, open to working with most any subject matter so long as it feels right.

Here’s a brief sampling of some of my current personal interests:

Artificial Intelligence

According to Chat GPT, the next ten years of publishing will see countless books on AI technology, many of which will be bestsellers, “particularly those that are well-written, engaging, and offer valuable insights into this rapidly evolving field.” We had better write your book now before the machines beat us to the punch.

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

I concluded work on a mass market cryptocurrency title in February of 2023. My work in this space left no doubt in my mind that this perilous and mesmerizing 1.23 trillion dollar industry contains countless untold stories. I'm talking swashbuckling tales of dreams and daring, peril and despair, fortune and glory. It's already written in your experience. I’ll just give it the right words.

Technology and Religion

In between client work I'm attempting to wrangle an 800+ page fiction manuscript (handwritten on legal-size paper) into something readable. This is a near-future sci-fi novel that explores religion within the context of rapid technological progression. If your book idea is rooted in the intersections of faith and technology, then our partnership is sure to be a natural and productive one.


Odd that I’ve only just begun to write professionally on the topic of parenting, seeing as my own parenthood is the most significant and meaningful challenge of my lifetime. I'll list the topic here (parenting) for your sake. That’s right, if your book is on parenting then congratulations; you've successfully sourced the guy with all the battle scars and a pen in hand. You'll benefit from my heartfelt camaraderie, sympathies, and hard-won moments of clarity on this topic. Shall we get to work?


Selected Work Samples

Tracy Locke

Tracy Locke

Memoir (Travel)

The Millions

The Millions

Memoir (Travel)

Port of Hueneme + Chiquita

Port of Hueneme + Chiquita

Corporate Bio

Clydebank Media

Clydebank Media

Cryptocurrency,  Blockchain

Pennant Park

Pennant Park

Artist's Statement

Cirque Du Soleil

Cirque Du Soleil

Promo (Theater)

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This is how I find the words worthy of your message

Step 1

Build Author-Writer Rapport

I meet clients in person, over the phone, and through video chat sessions. These meetings are memorialized by audio recordings, video playbacks, and transcriptions. Prior to beginning work, I’ll take time to analyze your speaking style, diction, dialect, and other voice elements as you tell me about what you want to create and why.

Step 2


I’m a planner. This is why a detailed outline is the first major deliverable you can expect from me. I provide outlines that are disciplined in scope, logically organized, yet flush with innovative ideas for your consideration.

Step 3

Open-Access Drafting

I’ve grown quite comfortable over the years with open-access drafting and clients love it. All draft work is done in the cloud in a shared doc, which you may access and inspect at any time. Authors may be as high- or as low-touch as they prefer throughout the entire writing journey.  

Step 4


It’s more often the case than not that certain essential themes of your story—elements you may not have even known were there—become manifest in the very act of writing it all down. During our revision, we’ll zoom in on your story’s hidden gems, we’ll backlight them nicely and let them shimmer. We’ll also check in on any and all promises made to your readers, ensuring we’ve delivered on them and satisfied all other key objectives for your work.

Revision is also when you may want your work subjected to another set of eyes other than mine. Everyone needs an editor. (If you encounter the writer for hire who claims to be the exception, then I’d advise you not to hire them.) We’ll work with either my own editor or one of your choosing as we bring your manuscript into its most compelling form.

NOTE: If you already have a committed publisher, then we will, of course, use the editorial support on offer from the publisher.

Step 5

Finalization and next steps

My work is complete when your manuscript shines like a chorus of suns. At your discretion, I’ll also manage your post-production processes, including copyediting, typesetting, graphics, ebook design, querying, and/or hiring of appropriate marketing consultants.

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