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Pennant Park
Pennant Park
In this marketing campaign for a Manhattan-based investment firm, our team introduced a unique and exotic creative element to be integrated into the firm's body of marketing materials. I was asked to write an "Artist's Statement" to explain our theory: 

The logo along with other creative elements featured throughout this campaign are inspired by the tangram puzzle. The roots of the tangram date back to China in the Middle Ages. By the 19th century the puzzle became popular in the Western world, particularly in England and Germany.

The idea of the tangram is that the puzzle solver is given a collection of shapes (7 in a classic tangram puzzle). The puzzle solver must arrange the shapes together, without overlapping to form an image. The puzzle solver attempts to either replicate (or solve)a pre-determined image,

…or they may simply create at will.

Artist’s Statement on the use of the Tangram for this campaign

The images rendered—the “products” of the tangram puzzle—are at once feats of art and feats of intellect; art by way of the expressiveness achieved through the arrangement of very simple shapes, intellect by way of the puzzle solver’s demonstrated mental dexterity when crafting a solution.

If the sought-after image is to take form, then the relation of any given shape to another must be established with perfect integrity, balance, and wholehearted commitment to the end goal. There is no room for excess or disruption, just as there is no room for error.

The two triangles of varying colors that recur throughout the campaign offer an inviting, “get to know us,” glimpse of elegant teamwork in action. Among the many symbolisms accomplished is the suggestion of an active and ongoing “coming together” event marked by unbreakable integrity, clear purpose, calming balance, and the imminent potential for an abundantly rewarding conclusion.

I also wrote the headlines for our finished product:

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